Composing Room

The Composing Room

The museum has more than a hundred wood- and lead types. Furthermore we demonstrate our four type-setting machines: a Typograph, two Intertypes, one of them with Teletype Unit, and a Linotype machine. Our machines are functional, and the type-setting machines, which are more than a hundred years old, are also used to manufacture the composition of the book, which every year is handed

over as a member gift to our more than 650 members.

Many of the other treasures of the museum are type cases, lamps and other inventory from the period just after 1900. We have four composing streets, every one of them filled with type cases. Font sizes covers from tiny lead types to 12 cm big types, which are carved in wood from pear trees, which, because of its hardness, was particularly suited for the purpose.  Our exhibition contains a number of composing tools, such as composing sticks and “ships”. In the opening hours of the museum the admission is free for members, and the staff is working at the machines, at the type cases and at the printing machines.