Printing Room

The Printing Room

Interior from the large exhibition in the printing hall. The museum has a very large collection from the Danish type machine factory “Eickhoff”, which had a business in Copenhagen from the eighteen hundred fifty until mid last century. The factory was founded by a German machinist, who moved to Denmark. In the exhibition of the printing hall there is, amongst others, an old German knee press and a print Heidelberg cylinderpress.

Both were produced in the 20th century.

Like many other museums, which have been launched by private people, the typographers from the West Coast had a problem obtaining space for the many machines they kept being offered. Therefore they, in the beginning, had their machines stored several places in all of Esbjerg.

Quickly, however, they installed a composing machine and a printing press in a garage in Neptunvej, and here the first publications of the museum were printed.  In the first three years of “Esbjerg typografiske Laug” the machines were stored in basements of housing associations and private people.